Authenticity! What does that mean for you?

I read a post this week on Authentic Behaviour, I can’t remember who wrote it but it was obviously good because I have been thinking about authenticity since.

I was brought up with “If you cannot say something nice then say nothing at all” I think this is good advice and even though I haven’t always followed it I have passed it on to my family. 

A lot of marketing and general advice around at the moment tells us we should be authentic.
The 5 key guidelines to Authentic Behaviour are:

  1. Be Honest; Speak the truth
  2. Be Direct; speak in terms that are clear, concise and focused.
  3. About the here and now; Speak about what is going on right now
  4. From you; report your own experience of the here and now
  5. Non-judgemental of others; speak about what you are experiencing around others, not of your judgement of others.

 Now that seems clear cut, but do people really want to know the real you, do they want to hear total honesty at all times? I don’t think so.
Yes people want to know you are human they want to know you have bad days but mostly they do not want to hear about your bad day. I believe you can take honesty too far.

For example the last couple of weeks I have been MIA from social media, this was because I was really unwell, I could think of nothing good to say, so I shut up. I really didn’t think people wanted to hear me saying “I’m sick, I’m feeling bad or I need some chicken soup”. 

So yes be honest, share who you are but do not give us your every random thought or desire. People do want to know you; they want to hear how you conquered adversity, overcome challenges, mastered solutions and reached your goals. They want to know that you did it and so can they. 

I have been told that I am authentic and I believe that is because I give from my heart. I will share with you the knowledge that I have, I will show you who I am, my strengths and my weaknesses and I am motivated from a deep desire to help others.

I am interested in your thoughts on authenticity so please leave a comment. 

Live life and be happy


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