All or Nothing

All NothingUntil recently I was an all or nothing type of person and was really proud of it. I loved that when I tackled something I committed 100% and went for it. Are you an all or nothing type of person? If you are, does that mindset serve you? What do you mean I hear you say? Isn’t it best to be fully committed? The answer is Yes it is better to be fully committed, that is not what I am challenging. It is the “or nothing” in all or nothing I am asking you to think about.

I was listening to Dr Dimartini on values and he was talking about New Year resolutions and how they fail if what you desire is not high on your values list. He said that once you truly decide to do or change something it will happen. He’s talking about that decision, like one you’ve made in the past, where you alter your whole physical, mental emotional being so that the change occurs. Mostly though we live in the fantasy of I wish I would, could or should.

Hearing that led me to the all or nothing decisions in my life. To the so many things that I want to do but don’t. It was one of those Ah Ha moments that was like an explosion in my brain. It was an in-built excuse in my mind, if you are not prepared to commit 100% then do nothing.

Goals can be reached many ways, almost like the old hare and tortoise story. Try it out; slow and steady wins the race. Give away the all or nothing mindset and adopt the I’m going to start today, do a little bit as often as I can so that I am moving towards my goal. I assure you that doing even a little towards a goal is far more rewarding than doing nothing. Thank you for reading my thoughts, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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