Being Human Causes Us To Be Judgemental

Being Human and the very way that we work causes us to be judgemental.  A bold statement I know, but being one of those “tree hugging hippies” or as one of my teachers so aptly puts it “a new age wanker” I pride myself on working at being non-judgemental every day. That is because society tends to use the word judgemental as a way of being that allows you to feel superior or to hurt/insult others. 

Judgement defines us, it tells us who we are, and it gives us our moral and personal values & ethics. You cannot give a compliment such as “you look great” without first judging how a person looks, that is assuming you don’t say “you look great to everyone”.
I prefer vanilla ice-cream; vanilla has been compared to other ice-creams and a judgement was made. The same goes for “I’m a dog person” a judgement was made. 

My point is that judgement is in everything we do, even when we think we are not being judgemental, we are and this affects our communication. Let me share my epiphany for this week. 

I have been working with a group of people some of them had poor English skills. Often when somebody has a limited grasp of English they tend to communicate in short statements using simple words. After the group work I was privileged to work one on one with a few of them. 

It was during this time I realised that I had inadvertently and with no conscious awareness judged one of the guys as being “not as smart” as the others and I was wrong.  

Jim (not his real name) is 63 and as we spent more time together we began to understand each other. I was explaining various concepts and doing some testing & Jim surprised me as he not only understood the concepts, he really “got them” and much quicker than anyone else had. This man was so clever I was in awe of him and such a contrast from the person I had anticipated. 

Judgements are not always negative in nature; just be aware that we are making unconscious judgements in all our communications. I challenge you to find your own unconscious judgements and ask yourself “how are they affecting my communication?” 

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