Card Readings


I’m an Intuitive Psychic Reader. 

Are you feeling lost, disconnected or frustrated? I offer guidance in a way that brings hope, light and a way forward. A change in perception and beliefs allows you to feel, joy, peace and fulfillment

There are many reasons people want an intuitive reading. I find that most people looking for a reading are feeling one or more of the following: lost, disconnected, frustrated and wanting change!

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I offer hope, light and a way forward. Encourage a change in perception, beliefs and decisions. Allowing people to feel, joy, peace and fulfillment. I invite you to book your reading today, Email Mandy to Schedule

Services and Pricing

Photo Reading with written answer
$19        15min
First impression insight a single paragraph reading.

Single Card Reading written answer
$19        15min
1 card reading, generally used as a quick insight. written answer 1 paragraph.

3 Card Reading written Answer

Online video Reading 30m
$60        30min
Online video – Zoom, Messenger, Skype, 30min Psychic Reading – including cards

Online Video Reading 60min
$100      60min
60min Psychic Reading – including cards

In person Reading 60min
$100      60min
In person, 60min Psychic Reading – including cards

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 My Gift

Some would call it Psychic, if I have to name it I would say I’m Clairsentient.

What is clairsentient?

It’s about knowing and feeling things that haven’t otherwise been revealed to you, either consciously or unconsciously. Think of it like a gut-feeling that drills into the energies around you and gives me an intense look at what is affecting you and what can be done to move you forward.

Being clairsentient allows me to do energy work, it enhances my ability to read people’s energy fields, to use tools such as Healing Modalities Tarot, Oracle Cards, Runes, Pendulums, crystals and Essences.

I have been a Natural Therapist since 1993, working one on one and with small groups, predominately helping people with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of their life.

The last few years I have mainly focused on the family business a renovation company where I get to help people in a different way. As much as I love this work in the last year, I have felt that I was missing something but what? It was that deep soul connection that I get when working with energy and people and I hadn’t realised that, until I started giving readings on a few of the Facebook groups that I’m in.

In case you are wondering, readings work equally as well over distance as they do in person. Here’s a few comments from readings done recently.

Amphone “Mandy Bruford you are so right, I’m working through my childhood trauma as well as my ancestors.. she passed away very young and is living through me (feels like it at least ) . Thank you so much.”

Christina “Mandy Bruford thank you so much. Really needed to hear that ❤️”

Nina “Mandy Bruford Thank you, loneliness and wanting more is so true, will ask my guides right now! X”

John “Mandy Bruford yessss! Omg!!! You’re right. Send a lot of good vibes your way!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 You’re so right!!! Thank you so much for helping me. I love how you can off and it’s honestly something I’ve been saying to myself! Mandy Bruford I admire you!!💜💜

Angel Card Readings

Have you ever wanted to ask for guidance? Or needed pointing in the right direction? Or maybe you just want some clarity on a specific situation. Then a card reading can do this for you! Angel card readings offer messages of encouragement in a gentle and nurturing manner; these messages help soothe and calm emotions and are a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life.

Angels have been documented by every religion in the world; they non-denominational and don’t care what church you go to, if any.

We are surrounded by Angels always; but due to the spiritual law of free will, they are not permitted to interfere and are only allowed to help us if we ask. This is a very important point because they want to help us, it is their job to help us but their hands are metaphorically tied until we ask them for help.
The Angels know what is happening in your life and through their guidance and insights you will be able to gain clarity and move forward in your life. Angel cards do not generally predict the future, the Angels are here to support you in the now.

I absolutely love being the messenger for the Angels. Are you feeling trapped or stuck, facing challenges or big decisions, wanting reassurance or seeking guidance about what’s coming?
Then I invite you to book your reading today, Email Mandy to Schedule

Your angels are waiting to help you all you have to do is ask.