Complementary Therapies What Are They?

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Complementary Therapies What Are They?

Until recently we have been used to and dependant on modern medicine for all of our health needs. We have grown up with seeing our doctor for any ill health that we may be suffering and in a majority of circumstances being prescribed medication to deal with the symptoms, but not actually questioning the cause of the symptoms.

Without modern medicine many people would not be alive today. But some problems could be prevented if we took more responsibility for our own health. To do that means that we must learn about our selves and recognise the symptom of ill health and treat it before it becomes a full blown illness.

The health service today is extremely over stretched and this means that there is little time for analysis of a patient’s problem. Medication is prescribed in many cases after just a short time in the doctor’s surgery. It is obvious that 5 or 10 minutes of a doctor’s time is not enough to get to the root cause of someone’s headache or inability to sleep which could be caused by something traumatic happening over a year ago. With health resources being over stretched more and more people are awakening to the benefits of complementary therapies to aid their well being.

Alternative therapies is a term often used to imply a replacement for conventional medicine but in reality the two should be working hand in hand, creating the term ‘complementary’.

I have been complementary therapist for over 20yrs now and have always assisted my clients physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. This happens when you stop treating the symptoms and the complaint and start working with each individual, supporting them as they regain strength and balance and bring them to an awareness of their own personal power.

History of Complimentary Therapies

The knowledge of Complimentary therapies has been built up over many thousands of years with writings dating back to the ancient Indians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. They were all practitioners and great documenters of medical discoveries of their age. As people, be it armies or travellers moved around the world, their medical skills, their plants and other forms of medicine went with them. All of these complemented other practices used around the world which led to the development and refinement of their treatments. Today there is a vast range of therapies to choose from, which have originated from all around the world.

Dates of Development of Therapies:

3000 B.C.: Aromatherapy, Chinese medicine and Healing.
2300 B.C.: Western Herbalism developed by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and later the Romans.
1000 B.C.: Ayurveda roots originated in Indian and Hindu philosophy.
370 B.C.: Nutritional therapy evolved from herbal based healing.
1700’s: Homeopathy and Hypnotherapy 1800’s: Naturopathy.
1874: Osteopathy.
1895: Chiropractic.
1900’s: Reflexology and the Alexander technique.
1930’s: Bach Flower remedies, Acupuncture & Shiatsu.

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