Content or Presenter Skill: Which is More Important?

Presentation ExperienceI just read a discussion on: What is more important, the presenter or the content. The general consensus was a great presenter can make poor content look great and that people will listen to a boring presenter if the information given is required. A successful Presenter in todays world will have great content with excellent delivery. 

The discussion as a whole had me thinking about a prominent Presenter in the personal development arena. After the first time I saw this Presenter I left the seminar feeling annoyed because I thought he hadn’t given anything other than a whole stream of platitudes and that was despite having enjoyed the presentation. I have seen this Presenter several times now and he really is brilliant, talks at 1000 miles an hour is entertaining and inspiring. So why was I left feeling annoyed? 

The answer came like a smack in the head when I asked the questions, what message did he want me to get and what was I going to do about it?  

I believe his overwhelming message is: To be successful in any area of life, such as love, business or health, find something you love to do, something that excites every part of your being and then work your butt off. That is passion!

Success smHis job wasn’t to give me new and compelling content. It was to show me what happiness, excitement, success and passion looked like and to inspire me to find all of that in my own life.

My learning as far as presenting goes is:
 1. What is the message that I want the listeners to take away from this presentation?
 2. Now my content and presenting skills have become less important in themselves and more important as tools to convey my message.

When you are crafting a presentation what do You focus on?

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