Does Your Business Need Therapy?

A business is just like a body, it can function while in pain or under stress but certainly not at its best or close to full capacity. 

Problems such as: headache, backache, colds/flu, allergies, sore knee etc. all slow the body down. 

therapistWhat ailments could be affecting your business?

•   Staff attrition; are you haemorrhaging people at an alarming rate?

•   Staff motivation; are your people lethargic or lacking in inspiration?

•   Staff morale; are they unhappy or just can’t be bothered?

•   Staff with personal issues; they don’t know how to separate work from home.

•   Customer satisfaction; is it looking very pale a shadow of its former self.

•   Communication; you speak plain English and still they don’t hear your message as you intended.

 How is the heart of your business?
o you have unseen plaque building up? Without treatment this can be fatal for both your body and your business.

Defining Communication can diagnose your organization’s challenges and provide solutions that result in more productive work environments.  We specialise in helping Managers connect to, communicate with and influence their Staff in a positive and inspiring way. 

Our approach to achieving this vision for your organization encompasses 3 key steps. Click here to learn more. 

Defining Communication can help you whether your business is behaving sluggishly or the pressure is so great that you are about to blow a valve. 

We are committed to understanding your business and your needs. As business therapists allow us to energise the lifeblood of your business by improving communication, increasing morale, decreasing staff attrition, all of which improves profit.

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