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Do you recognise any of the following situations?

Talking about change is the barrier

• Your business needs to change but you don’t know what actually needs to change.
• You have tried to motivate your staff and it’s not working.
• You speak plain English and still they don’t hear your message as you intended.
• Staff morale or Customer Satisfaction has declined.
• You are losing staff.

If yes then Defining Communication can help you.
Our model focuses on several key areas:

Key to Success• Your people
• Effective internal & external communication
• Team harmony & development


The Potential Areas of Challenge Inside a Company

• Standards (Are the standards clear for the employees to hit)
• Measured assessment (Is there an on-going measured assessment of the results they are hitting)
• Knowledge and skill (or lack thereof)
• Capacity (to do the job at hand)
• Conditions (or work conditions)
• Rewards (? adequate system of rewards & are the rewards at the right times, in the right places & for the right things)
• Feedback (do they get adequate feedback on the task being done)
• Culture (Corporate culture)
• Leadership and vision(is there one & is it aligned throughout the business)

Your Business SuccessWe are committed to understanding your business; your needs & providing services that help you find solutions. And because we also offer coaching & training services, we can assist in the professional & personal development of your people.

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