Business Performance Strategy


Does your business face a range of perplexing and complex employee-related challenges?  

Do your managers and employees have the skills to conduct constructive and often difficult conversations about issues such as performance, conflicts or lack of motivation? 

Are your staff values in alignment with those of the organization?  



Defining Communication can diagnose your organization’s challenges and provide solutions that result in more productive work environments.  

We specialise in helping Managers connect to, communicate with and influence their Staff in a positive and inspiring way. 

Established by Mandy Bruford, Defining Communication has assisted businesses & people from most industry sectors to develop skills that contribute to improved business performance. 

Our approach to achieving this vision for your organization encompasses 3 key steps 

  • Interview Process

Using interview techniques & questionnaires we can help you to:untitled

.   Better understand how you and your staff think.

.   Better understand why people behave the way they do.

.   Improve how you communicate.  

  • Analysis of Data

The analysis stage includes the examination and evaluation of the relevant information to extract useful information from your data and select the best course of action from among various alternatives including generating tables of results 

  • Delivery of Findings & Solutions Proposal 

Solutions bring about:

Positive culture changes as values are aligned.

Increased productivity and profit as managers and employees work cohesively.

Increased trust, as managers learn to support staff.

Improved morale with effective communication at all levels.

Increased employee engagement as employees see clearly the contribution they make to the organization (clear line-of-sight).


Change AheadDo you recognise any of the following situations? If yes then Defining Communication can help you. 

  • Your business needs to change but you don’t know what actually needs to change.
  • You have tried to motivate your staff and it’s not working.
  • You speak plain English and still they don’t hear your message as you intended.
  • Staff morale or Customer Satisfaction has declined.
  • You are losing staff. 

We consult with you in a language we can both understand! Our model focuses on several key areas: 

  • Your people
  • Effective internal & external communication
  • Team harmony & development  



We are committed to understanding your business; your needs & providing services that help you find solutions. And because we also offer coaching & training services, we can assist in the professional & personal development of your people.

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