Performance Process

The 3 Fundamental Steps Of Connecting To, Communicating With & Influencing Staff 

Step 1 Interview Process
Using interview techniques & questionnaires we can help you to:
Better understand how you and your staff think.
Better understand why people behave the way they do.
Improve how you communicate. 

At this stage we spend time with each staff member and target 4 key areas

Company Values: What are the company values and what does each staff member think the company values are.
Staff Values: Eliciting values of each staff member allows us to see what is important, and to help us communicate & influence within their value system.
Metaprograms: Is the unconscious program that controls how we think and behave; once you know a metaprogram you can then fulfil them by communicating within their perspective.
Performance Consulting: Is an anonymous questionnaire that gives you an accurate picture of potential areas of challenge inside your business!

 Step 2 Analysis of Data
The analysis stage includes the examination and evaluation of the relevant information to extract useful information from your data and select the best course of action. 

We will prepare:
.   Written reports on each individual showing how they think and the best way in which to communicate effectively with them in different circumstances.
.   Values charts showing you what is important to the organization and to each staff member.
.   Solutions Proposal is a document showing the results analysis, charts and recommendations of the data from the Performance Analysis questionnaire.

Step 3 Delivery of Findings & Solutions Proposal
Personally delivering a detailed account of each report and explaining how to use the information effectively. This is about leading and influencing staff in a positive and inspiring way and not in any way about controlling people. 

Solutions bring about:
Positive culture changes as values are aligned.
Increased productivity and profit as managers and employees work cohesively.
Increased trust, as managers learn to support staff.
Improved morale with effective communication at all levels.
Increased employee engagement as employees see clearly the contribution they make to the organization (clear line-of-sight).


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