Client Testimonials

Getting out of your own way isn’t easy. You need help to understand some of the limitations and blocks that are unconsciously in your way. Mandy has the ability to see the core issues, asks the right questions & offers loving guidance to help you break through the conditioning that holds you back. She truly is a changemaker. If you get the opportunity to work with her, you absolutely should! – Jacquie Stone


My sessions with you really helped me to clarify my goals and set me on a path to achieving them. Your skill in identifying where I needed direction was outstanding and I am able to better understand and deal with any issues that come my way. Thank you so much, I feel very confident that I can now reach my full potential and live the rewarding life I desire. –  Ann Jones


Hi Mandy
Thank you for all your information.Testimonial3
Since I have met you ”Eat frog” stay in my mind.
It was so good to hear your knowledge!
Please send me if you ever have workshop or info day I love to attend of that.
Take good care, and Thank you again. Tomoe Echo


“The floodgates of opportunity and challenge opened in my life recently, and I found myself in a situation where I had several courses of action to take, and several paths from which to choose. While excited at the possibilities, I was also feeling somewhat stuck and overwhelmed.

coach3The coaching session I had with Mandy was nothing like what I expected, and was actually fun, too! Mandy’s mentoring skills, intuitive intelligence and caring nature helped me clarify next steps and feel more centred. Interestingly, the next day, I took her advice to flow with my day and before I knew it I had accomplished a major task I could not imagine I would be capable of doing all by myself.

What else is possible?!

It’s great to achieve personal and professional breakthroughs working with someone like Mandy who genuinely likes helping people to be their best, and who walks her own talk on an ongoing basis. As I write, she is preparing to attend an Anthony Robbins workshop! Go Mandy!” – Alexis Ee-Khem Aw


Dear Mandy,
I want congratulate you on your work with members of the Grandcare Support Group in Rockingham. Grandcarers are grandparents who are raising their grandchildren full-time. They face many challenges in their role and, due to their social isolation and financial difficulties, can often present as angry, unhappy and exhausted. Your ability to interact with them, put them at ease, give them an enjoyable, relaxing neck massage and provide them with strategies for easy, at-home relaxation has been very beneficial and greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards,
Sue Baile
Grandcare Coordinator Wanslea