Fees & Services

Personal Consultations:

who what why1 hour appointments to help with a wide range of issues such as: guidance; support; stress management; goal clarification; you feel like you can’t cope, emotional, physical & spiritual well-being; coaching and or mentoring.
Fee: $130




Acceleration Package:

Helping Hand

Are you ready to go to the next level or need a helping hand to get back on track? Then this month long intensive program with 1 session per week for 4 weeks is an excellent option.

Fee: $400 that gives you an overall 23% saving


Platinum Mentorship:

New Life

A program designed to support you in becoming the person you really want to be. It’s a program where I will bring the best in me to the table to give you the opportunity of becoming the best of You!

Through various mentoring & coaching methods you will:


  • Gain certainty about what you really want from life
  • Identify recurring patterns in your life and how to clear those negative blocks.
  • Learn how to focus your attention and energies on what really matters to you
  • To know your inner strengths and how to work with them.
  • Experience the satisfaction that comes from living a life with purpose

The Platinum Mentorship comes with email support valued at $1950

6 month format: A total of 11 sessions. (If bought individually would be $1430)    Platinum
1st Month: 1 session per week for 4 weeks (Acceleration Package)
2nd  Month: 2 sessions – 1 per fortnight
3rd Month: 2 sessions – 1 per fortnight
4th – 6th Months: 1 session per month
Total Package value is $3050

Package cost is $1000 upfront single payment. Payment plans are available to suit.


Personal Breakthrough VIP Program:

breakthrough-womanA rapid way to achieve significant changes in your personal development. An intensive two day client specific session, which means you decide whatever personal changes you want to make in yourself to achieve your goals in your personal or professional lives.
Fee: $1200



Hypnosis for Specific Issues:

Hypnosis1Requires a pre-consultation to clarify issue and reasons behind issue. This allows me to tailor the hypnosis session to suit your individual needs.
Fee: $300