The Infinite Power Of Love

I have been teaching various forms of spiritual & metaphysical modalities for over 20 years now. I have always taught that love is infinite and will always grow & expand. Although I had faith and knew this to be true I had never consciously experienced it until recently. 

AriaA month ago our first grandchild was born, a beautiful baby girl and I was so in love with her. Others had warned me about how becoming a grandparent changes you, but I hadn’t believed them. Well it was like a whole new section in my heart opened; a compartment that I had been previously unaware of and I was besotted.

Dr John Dimartini talks about being filled with love & gratitude to the point of being overcome with emotion & tears, I used to think he said that for dramatic effect. That was until I met my beautiful & precious granddaughter Aria. The whole maternal instinct kicked in and I would do anything for her. 

Then came my dilemma, I had a second grandchild due 3 weeks later and they lived further away. I was worried that because I loved Aria so much and I lived further away I might turn into one of those grandparents that……… had favourites, and that would go against all my unconscious fairness rules. 

IMG_2598Well 2 weeks later our second grandchild was born, another beautiful & precious granddaughter. We flew up to spend time with the new parents and to meet Jaida and again I was besotted. I just wanted to hold, cuddle, & kiss her so much that I had to be mindful of her mum, dad & granddad who also wanted to cuddle her. Just thinking about these babies makes me cry because I am so grateful for the gifts that they bring me. 

AriaJI am truly blessed and filled with gratitude to have these two beautiful souls in my life. So yes love does just keep expanding, there are no boundaries to love it will continue to grow for as long as we foster it in our life. Love is an infinite power that brings us the greatest capacity for expansion, for healing, and for joy in our life.



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