Journey To Why, How I Found My Passion And You Can Too!

Traveling AustraliaWOW what a ride I’ve had these last 18mths! 

I’ve travelled all over Australia attending trainings, and my business has taken a totally different direction.
What have I learnt?
To succeed you have to be passionate about what you do; some people call it their Why.


So I went on a journey of discovering my passion, what did I really want to do and what did I want to leave as a legacy. 

I knew to make a difference I had to impact multiple people and not just one at a time.  This led me to a new business called Defining Communication where I show managers how to manage their staff.

 Maybe you have heard people talk about the following situations:

  •  Their business needs to change but they don’t know what actually needs to change.
  • They have tried to motivate their staff and it’s not working.
  • They speak plain English and still their Staff do not hear the message as it was intended.
  • Staff morale or Customer Satisfaction has declined.
  • They are losing staff.


    My target markets are businesses or departments within a business with between 10 & 25 staff members.

    This year I have been working with businesses & people from several industry sectors including Centurion Transport, D&W electrical wholesalers, and an engineering firm.


What excites me every day of my life? 

I’m at my peak and most energetic when I’m working with people, my creative juices are flowing and I get excited when helping someone transform some part of their life. No matter what I do or how I do it, it comes down to me helping someone else. What I find interesting is this is not something I do but who I am. From a chance meeting or an overheard conversation through to individual clients or whole businesses I was born to help people. 

How can I help you?







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