Managers Are Not Managing; Does “Stuff” rule your life?

Does “Stuff” rule your life? Do you believe that all you need is better “time management”? There is no such thing as time management; we manage ourselves and our tasks by determining how much time we give them. 

I have been finding that Managers are not managing; usually because they are too busy putting out fires. Most managers I have seen have been so busy doing “stuff” that they are spread thin trying to complete their tasks plus be there for everyone else.

This is a multi-faceted problem with solutions on many levels. This is how one Manager improved his situation.
Having three people under him “step up” in their responsibilities; the admin assistant took over some of his daily admin tasks and the two foremen took greater responsibility for the day to day running of the workshops. This allowed the Manager to be a manager, to lead his team effectively and to work on his tasks as well as improving & building the business.
How was this achieved? Coaching, all three staff members had the capabilities to perform the extra duties and the coaching helped them to be confident in their abilities. Increasingly organizations are seeking help in the form of individual coaching, once reserved for high level executives. This intensive experience is an excellent investment for any talented, valuable employee.

Take this as a nice segue into Meta Programs which are one of many types of filters in our unconscious that determine how we behave, and how we communicate with others. 

The Performance Filter is the filter that controls how you perform in any situation or role;
Are you best as an independent player, team player or manager of the team?
Thinking about it now, where do you perform the best – when you’re working solo, as part of a team, or when you are leading a team?
           a) Independent Player
           b) Team Player
           c) Management Player
If you are an independent player then you are excellent at performing on your own which can make being part of a team challenging for you. As a team player you want a team to support you and you are not as comfortable working on your own. A management player is a take charge kind of person and is happiest when leading a team.

Can you see how knowing what type of player you are could determine how comfortable you feel in your job? If you were a manager but an independent player then you would have to focus on the teamwork and working with team cohesiveness every day whereas for a management player it would come naturally.

So as I leave you with your “stuff”, what is it that you need to know, or what action do you need to take so that your life flows easily and effortlessly?

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch

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