How Are You Going with Your New Year’s Resolutions?





Each year we say we’ll start doing this, or stop doing that. Did you know that roughly one in three people make a New Year’s Resolution? A 2002 study found that 25% failed in the first week.

Why is that?

Change can be hard and sometimes “will power” is not enough! When life gets in the way, we sabotage ourselves by not wanting to get up early, or finding any excuse not to exercise and we can even justify that extra sweet, “I deserved a treat”.

For change to be successful it must happen at our deepest level, almost like it’s happening in our DNA. Once a decision is accepted in our unconscious, it then becomes a rule. Our rules, we carry out automatically with no need of will power. What’s interesting about our unconscious rules is that they are neither positive or negative they just are. What are some rules that you have?

There are many tools that can help you make changes at an unconscious level. Tools such as, affirmations, incantations, meditation, constant repetition, hypnosis and other NLP processes.

Affirmations etc., can work but they take time, effort and will power before they become habits, whereas NLP & hypnosis work directly with the unconscious mind allowing the change to happen in an instant.

How are you going with your New Year’s Resolutions? Is “will power” working for you? If not, I can help you make the changes at an unconscious level so that will power becomes unnecessary. For more information contact Mandy

Change can happen in an instant!

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