What is Communication

The word communication originated from the Latin word “Communes” which means something common. When we communicate, we create a commonness of thoughts and or feelings with other individuals.

Communication is a basic human need it is the tool that makes society possible. All that exists in the external world is raw data, information with no intrinsic meaning. It is the human mind that attributes meaning to experience.

The unique meaning an individual chooses then affects their internal state, subsequent behaviours and outcomes. What you want is for the person you are talking to understand “exactly’ what you are saying and to respond accordingly.

In order to reduce the overwhelming amount of information coming in through the five senses, the nervous system deletes, distorts, and generalizes information. It is the Internal Filters, formed and maintained by the unconscious mind, that “tell” our internal processing system what information to sort for, usually those things that confirm an individual’s long-held beliefs and expectations. My teacher called it “Your Hidden Rule Book”

The bottom line here is: the message you are delivering is not necessarily the message being received.


Getting more precise in what you say is not going to help you much.Communication pie-chart

Why is that you say?

Because: There are three ways we communicate.

7% is through the words we use.
38% is our tone of voice or how we say it.
55% is non-verbal cues, our body language or physiology.

With this information can you see how email and texting can often cause confusion?