How to Get More From Life!

I want more

Have you ever wanted more from life, but aren’t sure how to get it?

Does so much seen unachievable, or always beyond your reach?

Do you feel disconnected from your purpose and vision?
These feelings are not uncommon.  But I want to tell you that you have far more control than you think… If only your habits and beliefs weren’t sabotaging your results.

You Can:Yes you can

  • Be more successful in your business or job.
  • Have better control over your emotions.
  • Improve your relationships.
  • Have less stress in your life?

You just need to be taught the skills and life strategies to help you achieve in ways that were previously unimaginable in your personal and professional life.

NLP in Fun outNLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a behavioural science that is valuable to everyone.  It’s been around since the 1970’s and is a skill that transforms people’s lives and businesses.

And now you have the opportunity to take these skills and begin to remove the blocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals.

At Certificate I NLP Practitioner Training you will learn why NLP is for Everyone and more specifically what it can do for you!


Some people want to improve themselves, some want to help other people, and some want to solve a particular problem.

So how can the same course help all of these people?

Because at their core everyone who does NLP wants the same thing:

To Make Things Better & Create Lasting Effortless Change

thats why
NLP is so effective because it helps you to understand:

1) how the mind works,

2) how patterns of behaviour are habitual,

3) why people do what they do,

5) how to read situations more effectively.


What if changing your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour was as easy as changing the TV channel?

What would you change?  


Go confidentlyWouldn’t You Love To Know How To:

Overcome unwanted habits in minutes.

Change any emotional state you want instantly and automatically.

Create instant connection with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Program your mind to unconsciously have any empowering belief you want.

Apply advanced communication skills in all your relationships.

Let me show you how you can take control and Make Things Better

Profile Internet 2I’m Mandy Bruford, a Master Trainer and Practitioner of NLP.

I’ve been helping people transform their lives for 20 years and I studied NLP because:

There is not a single area of life that cannot be improved by applying NLP skills: business, personal development, parenting, sales, leadership, teaching, training, coaching, managing, and more.

I believe in truly supporting trainees during and after training, my group sizes are small so that you will be individually supervised. My policy is to provide training to the absolute quality that you need.

The training is conducted over several weeks to give you the opportunity to learn and to practice what you have learned. By doing this over an extended time allows total integration of all learning’s.

My aim is for all students to not just know NLP, but also to live it.control lifeCertificate I NLP Practitioner Training