Setting Up for Exam Success – and How to Make Study Time Count.

Back at school and study becomes a serious issue, especially for those year 12 students.

Exam Stress The majority of people find exams stressful!
They are usually held in a quiet room sitting at a desk.
Would it be helpful if when you are sitting in an exam and you had easy access to all the material you have studied?

This is where anchoring comes in!

Humans have a natural response system called anchoring. It occurs when a specific sense trigger links itself to a specific behaviour, emotional or physiological state. For example, when you hear a song, smell a distinct scent, see a familiar picture, or feel a specific texture you will find that you instantly recall a time where something occurred in your past and you have now linked that specific trigger to that event. Anchors are usually created unconsciously. 

An anchor can be a positive or negative association. For example, when you smell incense and you’re immediately calm and recalling a time you went to the day spa. Or maybe you hear a song play on the radio and get instantly sad because that same song was playing when your boyfriend broke up with you. As far as you’re concerned, that song will forever be linked to that event.

Knowing about anchors allows us to use them as a positive tool.

Study & Learning Tips:

 If study time for you means lying on your bed reading your work with either the music playing in the background or you have your headphones on. You are setting an anchor that can never be used in an exam situation! Think if you only ever learn in a relaxed, noisy situation then being in a quiet, still, sitting at a desk situation is going to be stressful. Stress makes memory recall difficult.


This does not = this  

How To Set A Powerful Effective Exam Anchor!

  • When you do homework or study sit at a desk in a quiet space.
  • Remove or limit distractions such as music, phone, TV, social media & games.
  • Drink water it’s important to stay hydrated when working the brain.
  • Use essential oils such as Lemon & Rosemary while studying.
    Japanese studies show that aroma of lemon increases concentration levels. They found that typing mistakes were reduced by 54% when lemon oil was dispersed in the room!
  • Rosemary is for remembrance and it promotes clarity of mind.
  • At exam times you take some tissues with a few drops of lemon & rosemary on them.

For more information or help in setting anchors contact Mandy

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